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To truly understand and respect the Rottweiler breed you must first take a journey into the past...

The Rottweiler is a very ancient breed so it is very difficult to pin point where the breed originates from. Some claim the Rottweiler can be traced as far back as 74AD, where ancient Romans kept a type of dog called a roman drover. The drover dog has been depicted as to have Mastiff-type traits such as dependability, ruggedness, hard working, extremely intelligent and profoundly strong guarding instincts.

During these ancient times Roman Emperors had conquered and invaded many with there massive armies. Thousands strong they needed away to feed there men. Ancient Romans had to rely on food sources such as cattle in order to stay alive so because of there Mastiff-type traits the roman drover easily became the favorite to herd and guard the cattle.

Since these roman drovers worked so well for the Roman's it was only natural for the Germans to adopt this breed for work themselves...

The town of Rottweil from where the Rottweiler gets it's name from.

During the 12th Century Rottweil had a huge boom in the region in culture and economy. This lead to a more secure trade route along the Neckar River for cattle trade and an increase for butchers and the job of roman drover for herding and cart pulling. This boom of economy for the roman drover was enjoyed up until the 19th Century. By this time cattle driving was banned and the use of donkeys for cart pulling was more common place as well as the use of the railroad. The use for the Rottweiler Metzgerhund or butcher dog went into such a sharp decline to the point where it was rumored that Rottweil had only one single Rottweiler bitch left.

At the start of the 1900's the Rottweiler was starting to be recognized as an individual breed with its own characteristics. The German writer Countess Agar von Hagen described the Rottweiler as...

"This sturdy helper is loyal, full of good humor, it is kind to children, it makes a definite distinction between service and non service. In private life the dangerous defender become a gentle lamb. Its wise eyes which, can gaze with terrorizing effect, can , to a friend, show a sincere and reliable trustworthy expression. The Rottweiler is not elegant. It is confidently happy with a deep mind, strength is it's nobility"

In 1901 when dogs where first introduced to police duties the Rottweiler was soon included and became a favorite. With years of co-operation with humans it all ready had the natural abilities needed, the nobility of its character was especially reflected by its loyalty and reliability, diligence and intelligence combined with courage in the face of danger.

In 1921 there was an agreement to create Allegmeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub ( ADRK ) and in 1924 they published its original stud book which lay to rest much of the confusion and misunderstandings among other clubs and organizations and gave rise to the modern Rottweiler!