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Ciara von Edelhaus BH
Proudly co-owned by Bryce Nickel

USRC Wine Country Rottweiler Club – September 2007
Confirmation Sanctioned Show & BST

Critique: "Large. Strong boned. Very well built. Very expressive head. Small ears, high set. Stop and cheekbone very good. Dark eyes. Strong muzzle. Dark mouth pigment, light pink mottled. Short strong neck. Chest very well formed. Very good angulations. Straight back, slightly falling croup. Very good coat. Rich brown markings. Free and ground covering in movement. Scissor bite.”

Rating: V1 out of a class of 9
ADRK Koremeister & Working Judge: Helmut Weiler
Class: Open Females

USRC Inland Empire Rottweiler Club - March 2007
2007 Southwest Regional Sieger Show

Critique: "Very good in type, good bone strength, nice head. Ears and eyes correct. Short strong muzzle, lips black. Scissors bite. Strong neck, deep broad chest. Shoulders and elbows correct. Tight paws. Strong neck, very good back. Front and rear have very good angulations and muscle tone. Good lay of shoulder and rear. Strong coat, rust brown markings. Front paws slightly muddy. Very good movement."

Rating: V4 out of a class of 18
ADRK Koremeister & Working Judge: Hartmut Teschke (Germany)
Class: Open Females

USRC Bay Area Rottweiler Club- December 2006
2006 BARK Confirmation Show

Critique: "2.5 Years. Very Attentive, friendly. Well Built. Correct size. Good bone strength, very good substance. Very good female head. Small ears, should be carried closer to head. Brown eyes. Good stop. Matching muzzle. Mouth pigment mostly dark with spotted pink. Excellent width and depth of chest. Straight front. Paws well knuckled. Short topline with pronounced withers. Short croup.Tail docked. Strong coarse coat. Dark brown markings that should be more pronounced on front feet and chest. Good angulation in front. Excellent angulation in rear. Very good Movement. Complete scissors bite."

Rating: V3 out of a class of 8
USRC Judge: Andreas Mueller
Class: Open Females

USRC Bay Area Rottweilers Klub Show- November 2005

Critique: "Sixteen months. Complete Scissor Bite. Lively Attentive. Very Good female head. Dry broad skull. Small high set ears. Could be carried closer to skull. Medium sized dark brown eyes. Very Good mouth and lip pigment. Correct bone for type of dog. Correctly arched neck. Good chest depth, width and forechest. Straight forearms. Well closed arched, closed feet. Very Good Angulations. Broad slightly rounded croup. Topline should firm up. Stock hair. Good condition. Slightly impure on feet, could be better defined on chest. Brown Markings. Good movement. Good reach and Very Good drive."

Rating: SG2 out of a class of 8
FCI Judge: Dirk Vandercasteele
Class: 12-18 month Females

USRC Inland Empire Rottweiler Club- February 2006
2006 Southwest Regional Sieger Show

Critique: "Medium size. Full of temperament. Matching bone strength. Strong head. Ears should be carried closer to the head. Dark Brown eyes. Good stop. Correct chest. Straight front. Straight back. Very well muscled and angulation of rear. Correct coat and color. Tail docked. Very good movement. Scissors bite. SG."

Rating: SG4 out of a class of 13
ADRK Koermeister Judge: Edgar Hellman
Class: 18-24 month Females

ARV Washington Working Rottweiler Club- April 2006
2006 ARV National Sieger Show

Critique: "21 Month old female. Right size. Excellent type. Social. Alert. Very good head. Ears a little high set. Nice dark eyes. Complete dentition. Scissors bite. Excellent top and underline. Nice strong neck. Very good in chest and breast. Well ribbed. Very good angulations. Nice strong feet. Good coat. Good markings with nice color.Very good movement."

Rating: V4 out of a class of 11
FCI Netherlands Judge: Hetje Lashley Harmsma
18-24 month Females

Multi-V Multi Youth Sieger Konnenstoltz Sting BH ZTP SCH III

ARV. Ch. Multi V-1 Sieger & Most Beautiful Jenecks Uno BH, ZTP, AD, FH, SCH III, Korung

Multi V-1 Sieger & Most Beautiful Jenecks Wotan BH, ZTP, AD, SCH III, Lifetime Korung

V-1 Jenecks Auer

Multi V-1 Siegerin Konnenstoltz Schlect Hundin "Berlin" BH, ZTP, AD, WH, SCH I

Oleo vom Haus Schmidgall BH, SCH III, IPO III

V-1 Konnenstoltz Ein Schon Sara BH, CGC, BBT

Aura von Der Graf BH ZTP

Multi-V Rated Silas Vom Weissen Schwan BH, BST, SCH III

Intl./VDH CH. Matcho Von Burgthann SCH III IPO III AD FH II GEKORT bis EzA

Ulla Von Burgthann BH, ZTP, SCH I

Petra Vom Rohaus
Yello Vom Wolfsberg BH,SCH I
CH. Rott-Berger Whisky H.J.CH, 4xHPJ, CAC, CACIB, BOB IPO I, HD:free