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Welcome to Edelhaus Rottweilers!

Edelhaus Rottweilers translated is Noble House Rottweilers. Here at Edelhaus we are dedicated in preserving the nobility of the Rottweiler breed. We believe that along with correct structure, a sound temperament should always be included in any breeding program. In our breeding program we strive to make this happen!


Along with the powerful look of the German Rottweiler, he must possess intelligence. The intelligence to distinguish a true threat, from a welcoming visitor in your home. A Rottweiler should have a distinct “job”. Whether it’s, guarding your home, children, or just being a companion, Rottweilers are only truly happy with a “job”.


We are German Rottweiler enthusiasts who are very active on the Schutzhund field as well as the show rings. On occasion we may have a litter with available puppies. Our litters are strategically planned. With careful consideration of parents’ health, pedigrees, and what the bloodlines have offered in past. We aspire in improving and contributing to the Rottweiler breed, not just staying level and unchanging.


We have a few Pink-papered German imports that were selected for our program, as well as US born German bloodlines. All our animals have the ability for work and show. We have a supportive family style based program. All of Edelhaus’ extended “family” is encourage to train and socialize their Rottweiler. We make ourselves available to our future and past customers for questions, solutions, and support.


Thank you for stopping by and for your intrest in the wonderful German Rottweiler breed.


Derick & Angel

Ivo von der Donnereiche BH BST

Ciara von Edelhaus BH

V-Rated Emerald von Edelhaus

Harleigh von Edelhaus

Krystal von Edelhaus

Nala von Edelhaus